Learn what a Settlement Agreement is and understand when it can be used, and when it can't. 


What is a settlement ageement?

How to comply with the law


To ensure compliance with the law there are a number of elements every settlement agreement needs to include.

How to negotiate


Find out how much money you should offer your employee and how to reach an agreement that all parties are happy with.

What's in the Guide?

In this guide you will learn how you can waive an employees rights to present claims to an Employment Tribunal, end an employee's Contract of Employment and settle disputes using a Settlement Agreement.

In this definitive guide, we will explore what these agreements are, what they can offer employers, how they can be used, what happens if they are breached and much more. We will also give you expert tips and warnings to alert you to potential pitfalls and explain best practice. 


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The Definitive Employer's Guide to Settlement Agreements

Discover everything you need to know to ensure compliance when negotiating settlement agreements

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