Learn the documents, processes and practices that will immediately reduce short-term sickness absence within your organisation.


Malingerers can have a huge impact on staff morale. Learn how to dismiss them without risking an employment tribunal claim.

Reduce Short-Term Absence

Dismiss Persistent Malingerers


Manage Long-Term Absence


Discover the best practice process you need to follow to ensure long-term sickness absence cases are managed in a compliant way.

What's in the Guide?

In this guide you will learn how you can take very specific steps and actions to address and reduce sickness absence within your organisation, leading to happier, more engaged and productive employees.

By following the advice in this guide you will save yourself and your organisation time, frustration and money.

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The Definitive Guide to Managing Sickness Absence

Discover the procedures HR experts use to minimise the disruption caused by sickness absence

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